Green Energy for Area 4, influence of the municipality,

By Henning Donslund, November 13, 2013

The question are. How can local authorities play an active role?

Based on Energi2020 which is the strategic energy plan for Ringkoebing-Skjern Municipality

Performance Objectives: 100 single family homes must perform energy renovation in 2012. We sought inspiration from far and near.

Does it make sense to measure the number of clicks on a web calculator or number of energy audits in the houses? No! After many meetings we invented the wheel and drew the design. At the bottom line it said "Put the house owner in the centre" and "then measure what gives value". We must measure the end product and only that which gives value for the house owner. Namely implemented energy renovations and number of saved kWh. 

Pilot Project PPP, a Public-Private Partnership

The goal: 100 houses renovated in 2012.

Each house owner must on average achieve energy savings of at least 4,000 kWh / year.

Using the energy calculator, energy checks and solid follow-up on house owners, delivers 100 completed energy renovations with great success. Result: on average saved more than 4,800 kWh / year per house.

Next Goal: Create 2 100% Energy focused Villages in Ringkøbing-Skjern municipality. We have 12 villages in the municipality which does not have any public energy supply. Requirements to the village: contain adequate housing for renovation, and establish a local group of enthusiasts. The goal is that every village will reduce energy consumption by 30% and the remaining 70% shall be renewable energy. a steering committee with representatives from LAG, Landistriksrådet, Energy Council, villages and Energy Secretariat. The steering committee have selected two local villages Sdr. Vium and Lyne.


The municipality's role:

  • Setting an ambitious goal
  • Secure political will and resources behind the strategic energy plan
  • Strategic Energy Planning covering all types of energy
  • Create a solid organization and enter into Public Private Partnerships
  • Use common sense, focus on value and create a holistic mindset

 The Parliamentary role:

  • Create stable framework conditions:
  • Incentive schemes should be profound and long-term
  • They must provide motivation for citizens and businesses
  • The public must have confidence in the schemes and the parliament must create expectations for municipalities and allow municipalities shoot the ball into the net.

If citizens do not trust the schemes they become confused and passive, and await a better system. Craftsman tax deduction is approved and works, hold on to it. Consider the cooperative movement idea at solar and wind power farms. Local ownership and backing from society is important. Set expectations for municipalities and allow municipalities play with the ball. Delegate and ask municipalities what they can contribute to the goals by 2050. 98 municipality strategic energy plans should voluntarily be prepared. It costs, but will create growth and development in Denmark. Government guidance and coordination with Danish Energy Agency and is at the end very important in the choice of technology

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