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Spreerecycling: ReTec bale opener being installed for RDF line

Spreerecycling GmbH & Co. KG is a subsidiary of Hamburger Rieger GmbH. Since 2013 they have been operating an RDF thermal power station in Industriepark Schwarze Pumpe on behalf of Hamburger Rieger GmbH.

This plant is a substitute fuel thermal power station, which uses the energy contained in the substitute fuels in a combined heat and power plant to generate electricity and steam, considering high environmental standards and the latest technology.

The neighboring paper mill is supplied completely with the process steam required for production. The electrical energy is fed into the public power grid.

In the RDF thermal power station, the trapping materials and fiber sludge accumulated in the paper mill as well as various municipal and commercial waste from external delivery are thermally recycled.

Since 2015 a ReTec bale opener has been used for the recovery of RDF-bales. The machine is now in use for more than 5000 operation hours. This is the reason itself to visit the site to see how our bale opener is doing.

Mr. Michael Werner from Spreerecycling tells us: “We are very satisfied and the bale opener is doing well. Certainly the bale opener has been given one or the other difficult task by opening inervitable contaminants over the years. But the bale opener is still doing the job calmly and reliably”.


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