Cleantech Innovation – matching cleantech startups with larger corporations

Innovation is key, and in Resilience Business Cup it is all about Cleantech Innovation. We encourage collaboration and partnerships to boost the green, clean and resilient solutions.

Making innovation requires the right resources and capabilities. Large corporates are superior in terms of financial, technical and human resources, while the startup environment is extremely creative and agile.

How do we combine these strengths in the best way possible?


We believe that collaboration between corporations and startups is essential for innovation, and the right matchmaking can be the key in taking your business to the next level. Finding the right match can be a challenge for many companies, and there are many angles to greentech that needs to be explored before finding the unique value to your business.

We find the best Cleantech startups in the world that matches your company’s unique capabilities. We want to provide mutual value creation in collaboration with startups and larger corporations in the Cleantech sector.


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