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It is good business to replace diesel generation with wave energy LOPF buoys. By complementing diesel generators with wave buoys in coastal areas, you can decouple yourself from soaring diesel oil prices – for the next 15 to 20 years.

Diesel generator electricity is propably the most expensive electricity around. By putting wave energy electricity into the diesel generator grid you get a reduction in diesel oil consumption, which is proportional to the amount of electricity the wave energy buoys put into the grid. The savings in diesel oil normally pays for the wave energy buoys in 2-4 years.

In remote areas, the cost and logistic problems of transporting diesel oil can be reduced or completely avoided all together with LOPF wave energy buoys.


​Technical Specifications

Wave energy buoys are installed in small clusters in the sea at approximately 10 m of water depth. A cable will feed the electricity from the buoys and into the diesel generator grid onshore.

A power capacity of up to 100 kW can be achieved by installing 5 kW LOPF buoys in groups of 20 wave energy LOPF buoys.

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