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Resen Waves

We provide renewable energy and real-time data connectivity in the oceans.

RESEN WAVES is the first company in the world to provide continuous power and real time data connectivity to autonomous instruments and machinery in the oceans and replace diesel generation in coastal areas and on islands, as a plug and play buoy solution.

It is now possible to access instruments in real time through smart phones or a web application, for monitoring global warming and the health of the oceans, no matter where the instruments are located in the big oceans. Power is no more a limitation. In addition, the buoys have a big future potential for replacing diesel generation, which is very costly on islands due to high transportation costs of diesel fuel and keeps many small communities in poverty.

Until now instruments and machinery in the oceans are powered by batteries, PV or diesel generators, which require regular ship operation to replace batteries or supply diesel fuel and maintain diesel generators, which is costly and not always possible due to difficult weather conditions. The buoys are like small modules which are low weight and can be installed from small local vessels, which is essential in the oceans and remote areas.

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