Injecting More Biogas Into the Grid

Renew Energy is providing serviced consulting to the expansion of Blaabjerg Biogas, a centralised co-operative biogas plant, established by 49 farmers. The plant has undergone a number of expansions in the past five years, the latest in 2014 where a new 9 km gas line to Nymindegab is under construction. The first supply of biogas is expected to run through the new line in September 2014.

Every year the plant converts 175,000 tonnes of biomass into valuable fertilizers and 6.5 million Nm3 environmentally friendly biogas. With the new expansion, the plant can produce 9 million Nm3 biogas each year from 250,000 tonnes of biomass. Examples of feedstock used are cattle slurry, pig slurry, and industrial waste.

Fertilizers are sent to farmers who spread them on their land. The biogas is delivered directly to Nr. Nebel district heating plant and hereafter used in gas engines for the production of electrical power and heat for the existing power grid and district heating network. The new gasline will additionally supply biogas to the local defence volounteer school, Nymindegabslejren, for heating purposes. Nymindegab City can potentially be connected to the gas line in the future

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Poul Ejner Rasmussen

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