Bringing Biogas to Poland

The Allter Power Biogas Project is located in Melno, Poland and is a complete Mix Anaerobic Digester Plant. Renew Energy has been involved in both support and supervision during engineering and construction, and has handled a following service contract.

The project utilises proven co-digestion technology to process approximately 84,000 tons per year of both organic waste and agricultural waste into “green” biogas (methane), which is used to generate approximately 1.6 megawatts of renewable electricity. The power is sold to Consumers Energy under a long-term contract. The plant will also produce dilute liquid fertilizer for purchase by regional agricultural businesses.

Technical Specifications

  • Feedstock: Multivaried
  • Five different feedstocks, total: 230 ton/day
  • Biogas production: 6,500 Nm3/day
  • Power production: 1.6 MW
  • Liquid Fertilizer: 213 m3/day
Primary contact
Poul Ejner Rasmussen

Case location

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