Rainwater harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is the number one solution to save drinking water

Using drinking water in toilets and for laundry or even for garden watering, carwash and cooling is a terrible waste of resources. In respect to stop over-exploiting drinking water resources, rainwater can be used for these purposes. Thus, rainwater harvesting is one of the easiest ways to save Earth’s resources of drinking water.

Rainwater can be collected and reused with just a tank, a filter and a pump.

Using a rainwater tank will furthermore be part of the solutions to prevent flooding and destruction of buildings, when the first part of a heavy rainfall is absorbed in the rainwater tank, which prevents the sewers from being overflooded or at least postpones the flooding and in a reduced scale.

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RegnvandsTanken creates solutions for reuse of rainwater to replace drinking water with rainwater when possible

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