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RegnvandsTanken is a small business with a clear vision:

We wish to contribute to the saving of valuable resources in drinking water by creating solutions for the private and public sector, where we can reuse rainwater to replace drinking water in a wide range of areas such as; toilet flushing, laundry, greenhouse watering, industrial cooling,  garden watering, carwash, window wash etc. Collecting and reusing rainwater is a simple system and it is cheap and easy to install in newly built houses.

Rainwater systems is easy to scale up and down, depending of the size of the building and how the rainwater is reused.

Furthermore, separating rainwater from wastewater will reduce the pressure on sewer systems during heavy rain and, as a result, reduce the risk of flooding in cities, which often lead to high costs for the owners of buildings and for the community in general.

RegnvandsTanken is based on the philosophy that using groundwater of the purest quality to flush the toilet or using clean drinking water to water the lawn is a waste of resources.  Since its beginning, has sold hundreds of storm water systems and rainwater barrels to private homes and businesses.

We will continue our work to raise the awareness of the benefits from recycling rainwater.

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