REBRICK/Gamle Mursten

    REBRICK/Gamle Mursten

    Reused bricks significantly reduces the amount of waste that is generated, and brick reuse in buildings saves the significant amounts of CO2 used in baking new bricks. Everytime you replace a new brick with a reused brick, you save the environment 0,5 kg CO2.

    Therefore, Rebrick upcycles bricks to create more beautiful buildings and to save the world from the CO2 emissions caused by the production of new bricks. Through a patented technology, Rebrick ensures that demolition waste can be cleaned and the bricks reused.

    Since 2003, Rebrick has continuously developed the brick cleaning technology while supplying reused bricks to all of Denmark. It exploits the huge reuse potential of used bricks through automated sorting of demolition wastes; separation of old bricks; and cleaning using vibrational rasping, making each brick ready for reuse.

    Through the EU-funded project REBRICK project, we have aimed to create the first market uptake of a technology, which enables a paradigm change within demolition waste handling and recycling in Europe. Currently, building demolition wastes, including cement, mortar and bricks are either land filled or crushed and recycled, despite the fact that bricks can easily last for several centuries. As the baking of new bricks is very energy and resource intensive, the ability to recycle bricks will have a major environmental impact through reduced CO2 emissions and reduction of waste. Our production in Hedehusene is a result of the REBRICK project.

    In the production, the old bricks are cleaned, manually sorted and stabled by a robot; we sell to new construction as well as renovation of existing buildings where the builder wants to save the environment from CO2.

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