Recycling artificial turf – a solution provided by Re-Match
Stadiums and sports arenas throughout the world are increasingly using artificial turf. One field covers approximately 8,000 square meters (roughly 86,100 square feet). After 8-10 years, even the highest quality turf is worn-out, and the enormous amount of artificial turf is sent to a landfill, incinerated, sits in parking lots, or is buried. All these methods of disposal have a large negative environmental impact and they are expensive for the owner in terms of disposal fees.

Now, as the first company in the world, Re-Match is able to separate 99% of the synthetic turf.

With Re-Match’s solution, sports arenas and stadiums can dispose of their old synthetic turf with a clear conscience, and for the first time manufacturers of artificial turf can produce turf made almost completely from recycled materials.

In addition to recycling artificial turf, Re-Match now also offers cut & roll and handling, including transport of the old turf and sale of the finished clean products to be used in other products. Re-Match has all required permits, notifications, and authorisations in place, including permits for transportation of used turf across borders, making disposal of artificial turf very easy for owners of the used turf.

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