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The enviroment friendly and cost efficient way of disposing worn-out artificial turf
Re-Match is a state-of-the-art technology, making recycling of artificial turf possible. As the first in the world, we have the technology to separate worn-out artificial turf into raw components, which can then be recycled to manufacture new artificial turf. Re-Match is able to separate every part of the discarded artificial turf into rubber granules, sand and plastic. The technology is so effective that almost 100 percent of the components can be recycled into the manufacturing of new artificial turf.

Re-Match: A Win-Win solution
Re-Match offers municipalities, sports arenas and stadiums an environment friendly and cost efficient way of disposing worn-out artificial turf. For the first time ever manufactures of artificial turf can use recycled components directly in their manufacturing processes without compromising quality. This makes Re-Match a Win-Win solution!

We have created a sustainable solution to a growing global waste challenge within the synthetic turf industry. We have global expansion plans in place and we are ready to take 2017 by storm!

We have collected our best Turf Tips and sustainable practices from 2016 and wrapped them up in a small e-book.

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A new technology to recycle artificial turf has just been launched

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