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Ramboll is a leading multidisciplinary independent consultancy company. Our energy experts provide our costumers with cost-effective energy and climate solutions that meet today's standards. We are among the leading consultants in the world within important energy, climate mitigation and climate adaptation services. We draw on multidisciplinary expertise to create innovative, sustainable and livable solutions for our costumers and society.

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The combination of population growth, environmental degradation and climate change add new challenges to water management and regulation. 

Population growth, industry and irrigation, combined with the effect of climate change create an increasing demand for water. Water resource management encompasses a wide range of disciplines and expertise, including integrated water resource management, assessments of the demand and consumption of water for drinking and irrigation purposes, applied hydrology, simulation and modelling of the hydrologic cycle, legislation, river basin management, institutional and capacity building and water resources protection.

Ramboll has extensive experience in water resource management and an impressive portfolio of projects for national and international organisations, governmental institutions, municipalities and water supply companies. Our engineers, hydrologists, geologists, chemists, sociologists and agronomists provide our customers with up-to-date knowledge and hands-on experience in the implementation of water resource management to improve and safeguard our water for the future.

Key challenges

The key challenges of contemporary water management can only be understood within the very broad context of the world’s socioeconomic systems. It is widely accepted that sustainable and equitable water management must be undertaken using an integrated approach, that assessment of the resource is the basis for rational decision-making, and that national capacities to undertake such assessments must be further supported and expanded from local to international levels.

Our integrated approach to water resources ensures that the management, development and utilisation of water resources take socioeconomic, environmental, sustainability, multi-sectoral water demands, meaningful stakeholder participation and technical factors into account.

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