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Oslo municipality, Energigjeninvenningsetaten, EGE, is extending the treatment capacity at the waste-to-energy facility at Klemetsrud by a third unit.

Ramboll is the lead consultant in connection with the new unit, which is scheduled for commissioning in 2011. In parallel, a waste sorting plant and a biogas plant for treatment of the organic fraction of the household waste are being constructed.

This and other projects have put Norway on the world climate map. Norway is the country with the fastest growing district heating sector (in % p.a.) and with the largest share of waste to energy in the district heat production.


Integrated Solution

Oslo Municipality is establishing an integrated solution for waste treatment, energy recovery and district heating including increased use of renewable energy.

Ramboll is part of the project team with parallel establishment of a plant sorting household waste into plastic, organic waste and residual waste, a plant producing biogas from organic waste to be used as bio fuel for buses in Oslo and extended thermal treatment of the residual waste with heat and electricity production at Klemetsrud waste-to-energy facility. Ramboll is Oslo Municipality’s lead consultant in connection with the latter, responsible for the procurement of mechanical and electrical equipment as well as civil works for a third unit and for coordinating district heating related activities.

Ramboll assists Oslo Municipality throughout the project – from planning to implementation of the new unit, which has a budget of €330M. When commissioned in 2011, the waste-to-energy facilities in Oslo will have a total annual capacity of 415,000 tonnes of waste. The capacity of the new unit is 160,000 tonnes/year, producing 55.4 MW heat (heat demand of 40,000 households) and 10.5 MW electricity (electricity consumption of 20,000 households).

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