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Kolding has long been one of Denmark’s leading municipalities in regard to environment, energy and climate and aims to be a role model within sustainable transport planning.

Ramboll has assisted the municipality with the preparation of a sustainable transport plan that among other things will reduce the CO2-emission of 25% from the transport area during the period 1990-2021. The plan comprises urban development, road traffic, path traffic and public transport.

The sustainable transport plan pampers the cyclists with a continuous, secure and safe cycle path system, the town centre is closed for through car traffic, and a high-class transport system is aimed at.

The work is based on a setup of future scenarios, survey of existing conditions, assessment of the service level, and analyses of special problem areas.

Ramboll has prepared project plans for the individual means of transport: road traffic, public transport and path traffic; and has prioritized them in an overall traffic plan in accordance with the future transport policy of the City Council.

With an action plan combining specific construction projects with proposals for further investigation and ideas for pilot projects, Ramboll is contributing to reducing the CO2-consumption and increasing health among the citizens of the Municipality of Kolding.

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