The city of Gothenburg adapts to climate change together with Ramboll


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Development of a strategic action plan for integrated cloudburst solutions in an urban environment

The project we enter together with the city of Gothenburg is a very important step in the overall climate adaption for the city, and crucial for making Gothenburg a safe and resilient city to live in also in the future. The action plan will be used as a key planning tool when reconstructing existing parts of the city to enhance the resilience for cloudbursts. The action plan will also be a foundation for the future city planning and the densification of city areas.

During recent years, situations with major flooding caused by cloudbursts have been occurring in cities like Copenhagen and Malmo. Due to the increased number of severe cloudbursts and the overall increasing demands in climate adaptation, cities are forced to intensify their strategic actions in the city planning. The city of Gothenburg is one of the Swedish cities that are facing major challenges in climate change, including flood risks caused by cloudbursts. Therefore, the city has been proactive in working with a long-term strategy for climate adaption.

Valuable experience from Copenhagen and New York

Ramboll has previously been involved in similar cloudburst management projects for the cities of Copenhagen and New York, which has given Ramboll a unique experience and expertise. This unique experience is an important contributing reason why Ramboll has been chosen for this specific project.

– When we get the opportunity to work with projects of this dignity we, as a global company, see great possibilities in putting together a solid team with experts from different countries. This way, we can assure the client that we have access to the best possible expertise in an international perspective, but also that we ensure expertise with good knowledge of local conditions, says Christian Nyerup Nielsen, Director in Climate Adaptation & Landscape, Ramboll.

The project will continue throughout the year of 2018 and will include expertise areas such as water (hydraulic modelling and design), visualization, roads, construction, cost- benefit analysis (CBA) and management in order to increase the cooperation between the different divisions of the city organization. As a pilot area for the implementation of the action plan, the highway section “Dag Hammarskjöldsleden”, stretching between Västra Frölunda and Linnéplatsen in Gothenburg, has been chosen.

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