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Ramboll is a leading multidisciplinary independent consultancy company. Our energy experts provide our costumers with cost-effective energy and climate solutions that meet today's standards. We are among the leading consultants in the world within important energy, climate mitigation and climate adaptation services. We draw on multidisciplinary expertise to create innovative, sustainable and livable solutions for our costumers and society.

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Strategic Environmental Assesment (SEA) is a planning and development tool, used in an increasing number of countries and sectors to strengthen the sustainable development aspects in policy-making and planning.

The aim of SEA is to strengthen the sustainable development aspects in policy, planning and programs cross sectors to mainstream environmental concerns and to facilitate and encourage participation and transparency in planning and decision making processes mainly at the national level

The SEA process provides an improved basis for decision-making by integrating environmental, social and economic aspects into planning at an overall level and the impact on other sectors. It encourages a participatory and transparent process at an overall level in the society.

EIA takes over for assessing a specific plant once the SEA assessment has ensured that the plant is the best for the society.

SEA is also used in regional and local planning processes to ensure sustainable development

Ramboll cooperates with a number of international donor organisations that promote the use of SEA, such as the World Bank, EuropeAid, African Development Bank, Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency and Department for International Development, U.K.

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Ramboll has considerable experience in contributing to natural resource management, strategic planning, policymaking, participatory processes and capacity development.

Our expertise provides a good foundation for developing high quality SEAs. We have participated in SEAs in a wide range of sectors and countries. Ramboll is actively involved in several aspects of developing SEA systems. SEA can be a part of:

  • Macro-level strategies and plans
  • Policy reform
  • Country sector programmes
  • Infrastructure investments
  • Investments in the energy system (power, gas, district heating and cooling)
  • Multi-project infrastructure programmes
  • Spatial development programmes
  • Trans-national planning
  • Country assistance strategies
  • Donor sector policies or sector frameworks.

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