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Ramboll is a leading multidisciplinary independent consultancy company. Our energy experts provide our costumers with cost-effective energy and climate solutions that meet today's standards. We are among the leading consultants in the world within important energy, climate mitigation and climate adaptation services. We draw on multidisciplinary expertise to create innovative, sustainable and livable solutions for our costumers and society.

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Ramboll’s knowledge and technological innovation within the soil and groundwater area is based on our experience in the investigation, risk assessment and remediation of thousands of impacted sites. Our clients consist of private and public developers on a local and a global level.

We provide professional skills and know-how in all the phases of a project: from preliminary studies and planning to decontamination and development. We carry out our projects in multidisciplinary teams comprising engineers, hydrogeologists, geologists, chemists, biologists, environmental scientists and construction and infrastructure engineers. We also draw on the expertise and knowledge in Ramboll’s other service areas when necessary.

Our services include:

  • Contamination studies
  • Pore air measurements
  • Risk assessments
  • Indoor climate
  • Models for contaminant dispersal
  • Preventive and remediation measures
  • Environmental assessment of chemical substances
  • Knowledge management


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