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Marstal District Heating, a traditional consumer-owned district heating company with approx. 1,650 consumers.

The company has designed and built a solar heating plant consisting of more than 33,360 m2 of solar panels as a supplement to heat production based on biomass (wood chips). For years, it was the largest solar heating plant in the world, and still ranks among the largest. The solar panels cover up to 50% of the annual heat production. The latest extension included a new 75,000 m3 water reservoir for heat storage. The water is heated by the sun through the solar panels during the summer and stored for use in the winter.

The company has played an important role in the development of the technology for large scale solar water heating plants and underground pit thermal hot water storages which can store water up to 95 dgr.C.

The plant has developed in steps to test the technologies. First 18,000 m2 in two steps. then new 10,000 m3 pit heat storage and latest an extension to 33,360 m3 and an new larger pit storage.

Ramboll has provided consultancy services for system design, procurement and implementation for part of the plant

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