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District Heating Project Preparation Framework, Ukraine


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Ramboll is a leading multidisciplinary independent consultancy company. Our energy experts provide our costumers with cost-effective energy and climate solutions that meet today's standards. We are among the leading consultants in the world within important energy, climate mitigation and climate adaptation services. We draw on multidisciplinary expertise to create innovative, sustainable and livable solutions for our costumers and society.

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Ramboll is one of the two consultants selected by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to undertake a number (circa 10-15) comprehensive Feasibility Studies for rehabilitation/upgrade of the existing district heating systems operated by the relevant Companies in selected municipalities.

The framework agreement runs over three years starting from 2010 with a possible extension. The budget of this framework is EUR 2,750,000.

The purpose of these feasibility studies is to enable the municipalities to provide environmentally friendly, cost-efficient heat supply and enable International Financing Institution(s) to appraise bankable projects for the prospective loans.

For more information, see media at our Ramboll profile.

Ramboll will provide the following key services:

  • Prepare a comprehensive Feasibility Study which can be used by the IFI(s) to assess the Project and justify involvement;
  • Develop an affordable, least cost strategic investment programme for the entire district heating infrastructure in a City in a long-term perspective;
  • Identify and assess a detailed priority investment programme, suitable for a Project to be partially financed by the IFI(s) loan;
  • Define a bankable Project and identify probable sources and uses of funds;
  • Undertake an Environmental and Social Analysis and an Environmental, Health and Safety Audit of existing district heating facilities and installations and environmental and social management systems.
  • Prepare an affordability analysis of various consumer groups;
  • Prepare financial analysis of the Company and financial projections
  • Propose an appropriate tariff system based on actual consumption and full cost recovery as targets and interim solutions;
  • Prepare a Procurement and Implementation Strategy;
  • Outline an institutional framework for provision of district heating services in the City;
  • Determine an efficient implementation strategy for the Project;
  • Identify key cost restructuring elements and recommend reasonable loan covenants and implementation timing in this area.


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