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The Hopenhagen Live activitities in 2009 during the COP15 took place at the City Square of Copenhagen – a city in the city with green and sustainable solutions.

The Carbon Foot Print project prepared by Ramboll quantified the emissions of greenhouse gasses (GHG) from the event including:

  • Consumption of electricity during the arrangements, including lighting, sound, blowers, projectors and electricity used in parts of the City Hall
  • Consumption of district heating during the arrangements in pavilions and in parts of the City Hall
  • Transportation of equipment to and from the City Square
  • Production phase of pavilions and globe
  • Production and printing of programs

In order to reduce the GHG for heating and to demonstrate that 98% of all buildings in Copenhagen are heated by the low carbon district heating, emitting three times less GHG than oil boilers, the pavilions were heated by (temporary) district heating provided by Copenhagen Energy.

The GHG from electricity was reduced by replacing ordinary bulbs with LED

The project showed that the overall emission from Hopenhagen Live was in the order of 45-50 ton CO2.  

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