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By Ramboll, February 23, 2021

Taarnby Public Multi Utility  and Jaegerspris consumer owned district heating company is presented as the two first cases in a new report from JRC for integrating renewable and waste heat and cold sources into district heating and cooling system in the EU.

The district heating and cooling project in Taarnby is an integrated part of the Greater Copenhagen District heating system and is recognized for smart and cost effective integration of district heating, district cooling, electricity, waste water and ground water. The energy plant located at the waste water treatment plant includes a 2000 m3 chilled water tank and a heat pump installation, 4,3 MW cold and 6,5 MW heat, for combined heating and cooling and for generating heat from waste water.

The district heting in Jaegerspris is recognized for large scale solar water heating, gas fuelled CHP and heat pumps and for developing cost effective district heating in several small communities, mainly single family houses.

Both companies are recognized for the local democratic ownership and consumer engagement, which is important for the efficient performance and support.

Both are typical for many other Danish cases.

Integrating renewable and waste heat and cold sources into district heating and cooling systems | EU Science Hub (

Ramboll has had the pleasure to offer consultancy services to both companies and being able to transfer this positive experience to other countries.


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