Qubiqa BioEnergy

Logistic solutions for conveyance of biomass
Qubiqa BioEnergy (formerly Seelen) is a leading consulting manufacturer of logistic solutions for conveyance of various forms of biomass for energy and fuel production. Qubiqa supplies complete systems, combining own products with the best sub-contractor components. Qubiqa employs approx. 200 people and has its headquarters and production facilities in Esbjerg, Denmark and Poland.

Worldwide solutions
Turnkey systems are delivered worldwide and -on customer request- in collaboration with local sub-contractors. Systems included in projects are conveyors, cranes, shredding/milling equipment, pelletizers, moisture meters, control systems (PLC and HMI) and data handling. Qubiqa has provided logistics solutions to the world’s largest straw-fired power plants in Britain and a straw-fired power plant in northern Spain. Moreover, Qubiqa has provided logistics for a number of major heat and power production plants in Denmark.

Reduction of CO² emission
The urgent need to reduce the emission of CO² has become one of the most important issues of our time. By using half their annually straw surplus in heat and power production, Europeans can reach a 4 % reduction of the annually CO² emissions. Enabling more heat and power production facilities to conduct co-firing with straw is the inexpensive way of cutting CO² emission that Qubiqa promotes.

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