District Cooling split system

Split air conditioner based on supply of low temperature heat sources.

‘Off-the-shelf’ cooling and air conditioning system based on low temperature heat sources instead of electricity. Applies a multi split system design and based on the patented PURIX A25 chiller.

The system features a unique air cooled absorption chiller in combination with up to three fan coils for increased flexibility.
In order to match indoor design, the product range offers a selection of various fan coil types and capacities.

The PURIX A25 split system is a game-changer within commercial cooling and air conditioning system by replacing electricity with low temperature heat sources as the main energy input.

Substitution of electricity with low cost and low carbon energy sources is ideal for integration in district heating systems, or in combination with solar heating system or central heating system. The chiller modules are designed for cooling capacity of 2,5kW each which may be combined to systems up to a total cooling capacity of 160kW.

Read more about PURIX Instant District Cooling modules here:

PURIX Catalogue A25 EN
PURIX Catalogue A25 ES
PURIX Catalogue A25 FR
PURIX Catalogue A25 TR
PURIX Catalogue A25 IT
PURIX Catalogue A25 DK

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