PURIX joins the Green Cooling Initiative, GCI

By Lars Munkoe, January 31, 2017

The Green Cooling Initiative (GCI) aims to provide useful information, give access to knowledge and bring people together working on the same goal: Promoting green cooling worldwide. Being a peer in competitive cooling technology powered by Nature, PURIX takes part in The Green Cooling Network aiming at a reduction of emissions from the cooling sectors.

The aim of GCI is to establish a global Green Cooling Network, which will accelerate the transfer of environmentally friendly technologies in the refrigeration and air conditioning sectors. The term “green cooling technologies” is used to describe equipment with maximized energy efficiency that is using natural refrigerants, thereby minimizing its environmental impact.

Green cooling helps to protect the environment, resources and the climate and supports the use of renewable technologies within cooling. It thereby contributes towards a sustainable reduction of fossil fuel consumption.

Refrigeration and air conditioning are responsible for a significant share of global greenhouse gas emissions. Especially in developing countries and emerging economies, the demand for cooling equipment is rising. Low levels of efficiency and high leakage rates of refrigerant gases with high global warming potential will increase these emissions drastically.

Learn more about GCI and PURIX here: Green Cooling Initiative

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