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By Purix, September 25, 2019

Instant District Cooling is cooling powered simply by District Heating. Turnkey cooling solutions for households, and the public and private sectors provides attractive and competitive green cooling in urban areas based on natural refrigerants and sustainable district energy.

A project initiative invites end users of cooling, located in areas supplied with District Heating, to express interest as candidate for demonstration of Instant District Cooling 2,5kW - 50kW.

Instant District Cooling is the concept of producing cooling powered district heating as energy supply, instead of electricity.
The fuel switch from electricity to District Heating is a unique opportunity for cutting electricity demand and costs related to cooling and air conditioning, increasing the use of existing DH infrastructure and renewable energy sources, as well for replacing industrial refrigerants with water as a non-flammable and natural refrigerant.

The fast-growing demand for cooling in the EU and globally calls for instant and competitive alternatives to conventional heat pumps and air conditioners. A consortium consisting of the International Institute of Refrigeration, Universitat Rovira i Virgili and PURIX, is preparing a funding application for large scale demonstration of small Instant District Cooling installations in the EU.

The project invites end users of air conditioning and cooling, retail, industry, clinics, educational institutions and public organisations located in areas supplied with District Heating to express interest as a candidate for a demonstration of Instant District Cooling by contacting our team by email to

Explore the concept of Instant District Cooling: 1Pager – Instant District Cooling EN

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