ATMOsphere Europe 2018 – Presentning Instant District Cooling

By Purix, December 20, 2018

PURIX presents groundbreaking competitive Instant District Cooling systems for the mass market <50kW for households, retail and Green Public Procurement.

Conventional District Cooling is limited to end users with high cooling demands and requires massive investment in new infrastructure. For these reasons, studies indicate the potential for district cooling as low as 5% of the fast-growing cooling demand for buildings.

At PURIX, we believe in District Energy, and our response is attractive cooling based on existing District Heating as energy input to split type thermally driven cooling system.

Instant District Cooling is ‘Instant’ by default as the cooling systems are plugged into the heating systems, and does not require investment in new infrastructure. Reuse of District Heating networks as energy supply to cooling systems is smart, simple and cost-effective.

Instant District Cooling systems also apply non-flammable natural refrigerants (water) and in combination with District Heating as energy input, Instant District Cooling is probably the most sustainable cooling technology available.

Targeting the high volume market segment for cooling, i.e. low capacities below 10kW, PURIX Instant District Cooling is a great, competitive and complementary solution to conventional District Cooling.

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