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ProjectZero is the vision for creating a ZEROcarbon future for the city Sonderborg in southern Denmark by 2029.

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Late 2010 ProjectZero launched its ZEROhome (ZERObolig) program focused on engaging house-owners in energy retrofitting the areas app. 16,800 private owned houses.

The program is focused on the EU energy label and qualified ways to improve the individual houses current energy standards.

The ZEROhome program will as part of the project document, how it will create 300+ new jobs in the construction-industry before end of 2013.

More than half of the area´s craftmen have by mid 2011 joined the training program, compared to less than 10% average for whole Denmark.

The program involves three parties: house-owners, craftsmen and consultants
The ZEROhome program offers a free energy review/consultation that is carried out in their homes. During the consultation the energy consumption is reviewed, improvement opportunities and cost discussed and a plan defined. Next step is to connect the house-owners with qualified craftsmen, to get the job done in a qualified way.

Financial support is secured
House-owners often need to finance the retrofit and ZEROhome therefore has worked with the areas banks to secure a good understanding of the cash-flow in energy retrofit and competitive loans for the house-owners.

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