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ProjectZero is the vision for creating a ZEROcarbon future for the city Sonderborg in southern Denmark by 2029.

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By Peter Rathje, May 02, 2014

Dubai is more than energy-wasting hotels & shopping malls. New thoughts on energy-efficient and sustainable urban development are arising there very fast. The project challenges the famous MASDAR project on energy efficiency.

Diamond Developers chooses the sun and Sonderborg

Diamond Developers are frontrunners in sustainable construction in the Middle East region and the top management board have been on a ProjectZero´s inspirational Energy-tour in Sonderborg, where they visited different demonstration projects and met consultants/suppliers of energy- and climate solutions.

The project in Dubai includes a totally new built city with 500 homes, shops and a school. The Project is constructed in a very energy–efficient way, where the energy supply comes from solar power that also will produce more energy than the buildings requires. The visitors had therefore a specific interest in ZERO+ building construction, like the ZERO+ house in Sonderborg.

Sustainable materials, local produce, education, recreational areas, water cleaning system, water re-use as well as electrical cars – all this is included in the sustainable Dubai project.   

During their visit in Sonderborg, Diamond Developers was once again convinced about the importance of  thinking energy efficiency and solar cells into the city construction. Among other things, the trip included: visiting the Sonderborg Production School, the Diamond Sport Center in Fynshav, the Sonderborg Combined Heat & Power Plant and Alsion.  

More information  

For more information about ”The Sustainable City”, please look into the project website or download the e-brochure for Sustainable Living.

The first homes will already be finished during 2014 and the whole project is expected to be accomplished in 2016. The energy consumption of these buildings is expected to be 35% lower than the energy consumption of the ambitious Masdar City project in Abu Dhabi.

The visit to Sonderborg was been arranged by the chairman of Danish Company Danimex, Egon Bruun, as an intermediary. Danimex has its HQ in Sonderborg, but an important regional office in Dubai and Egon Bruun wanted to show his Diamond business friends, how his hometown Sonderborg is transitioning into a ZEROcarbon community by 2029.


Did you know that:

  • The largest area for energy consumption in a Middle East home is not heating, but cooling
  • The solar cell in Dubai are 2.5 times more effective than in Denmark because of the intensity of the solar radiation

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