PP Techniq

    PP Techniq

    Safe and innovative wind turbine blade maintenance
    PP Techniq is producing platforms, which make blade service and maintenance easy, comfortable and safe.

    “Blade-guided access” is our guiding star. Contrary to earlier solutions on the market, PP Techniq has a new patented approach to blade maintenance, where the platform and technicians follow the contours and dynamics of the blade, and remain at the same distance from the blade at all times. The patented design is extremely stable and the integrated gyroscopic system ensures that the platform is always horizontal. The technology provides access to the tip of the blade and ensures that technicians can perform maintenance work anywhere on the leading edge of the blade.

    A PP Techniq platform ensures optimal efficiency in wind turbine maintenance and reduces downtime on the turbine to the absolute minimum. The platform can carry up to four people and tools, which means that necessary maintenance work can be performed both rapidly and efficiently.

    PP Techniq’s headquarters is at Vojens in southern Denmark. The company designs, manufactures and markets its platforms not only to wind turbine manufacturers, but also to wind farm operators. PP Techniq provides training in the use of the platforms, ongoing certification and platform maintenance services. PP Techniq also offers full service contracts and platform “pilots”.

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    Jan Korff Petersen

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