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PolyTech is a fast-growing global company highly specialized in the wind industry. PolyTech’s focus is the design and manufacture of OEM and aftermarket products for turbine blades. Company expertise majors on:

  • Leading edge protection
  • Lightning protection
  • Turbine internals
  • Blade Add-ons (serrations, vortex generators, spoilers)

PolyTech is your partner throughout the entire value chain. From design to production, from off-the-shelf to custom-made. The company shares your ambitions and understands your goals. PolyTech encourages your aspirations and helps find you solutions.

PolyTech is headquartered in Denmark where production, research & development and senior management are located.

With offices and production facilities in Denmark, USA and China, the company combines the skills of scientists and engineers, chemists and fitters, designers and programmers, construction experts, machinists, skilled laborers and many others.

PolyTech is engineer-driven from design and evaluation, though prototyping and production, to continuous improvement of the finished product. The outlook is global, with strong emphasis on customer service, wherever it is needed.

To find out more visit our website at www.poly-tech.dk

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CEO Mads Kirkegaard
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