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Phoenix Design Aid

Phoenix Design Aid (PDAid) is an international design and communication company with expertise in total graphic solutions and project management for international companies and organizations. The company’s solutions range from concept development, digital, graphic design and web publishing to the production and distribution of graphic products.

Improving environment and climate

PDAid makes concerted efforts to reduce environmental impact both internally and among business partners. Therefore, the company works determined on organizing the production tasks in order to minimize their environmental impact. As part of the graphics industry PDAid is responsible for obvious environmental impacts but it is essential to the company that these impacts are minimized both internally and in regards to their products and services. Therefore, PDAid only purchases paper, printing inks and printing varnishes that are environmentally sustainable. At the same time all projects from design and print to production of exhibitions stands are carried out with the greatest consideration for the environment and in compliance with the Global Compact and the company Code of Conduct.

PDAid also collaborates with CO2focus, which is an independent international advisory company leading the way in voluntary action on climate change. Being a low-carbon company is of key importance in PDAid’s environmental positioning, thus a yearly carbon accounting report is developed as an integrated part of the company’s climate strategy.

PDAid takes responsibility for its own impact, places demands on its suppliers’ operating conditions and products, while motivating customers to make environmentally and climate-friendly product selections. PDAid’s position is guided by the ISO 14001 standard, the requirements of which are included in the integrated management system. The company’s essential impact in this sector revolves around CO2 emissions, primarily from freight services and travelling, while electricity and heat consumption in the offices play a minor role. PDAid purchases UN-issued emission credits and by neutralizing all of its CO2 emissions, the company has achieved a CO2 Focus certification. The PDAid website is also CO2-neutral. PDAid’s CO2 accounts from 2014 are available on page 28 of our COP.


PDAid focuses greatly on quality, business ethics, environment, and health and safety. The company integrates these areas in its certified management system, and PDAid is also a member of the UN Global Compact. Membership implies that working methods and conditions comply with the Global Compact’s ten principles, and that the company complies with all regulations and international standards in the countries in which it operates. In 2013, PDAid started reporting initiatives at the Advanced Level of the Global Compact. Read the 2014/15 Communication on Progress (COP) report here.

PDAid is active in a number of forums and networks, as well as among primary stakeholders, to promote messages concerning respect for human rights, decent working conditions, sustainable environment and other climate and environmental initiatives as well as the development of skills and resources in developing countries. The case study on page 11 of the COP exemplifies one of PDAid’s attempts to practice local involvement, thus paving the way for change and development.

The company’s contract-based network involves more than 30 subcontractors. In addition to having high standards for its own conduct, the company also expects its business partners to demonstrate commitment and support by complying with its Code of Conduct, expecting nothing less than best practice in all parts of the value chain.

Paper Guide

PDAid strives to enhance quality and to make a positive difference in relation to the environment. Therefore, PDAid has developed a Paper Guide in collaboration with its printing partners with the intention to accommodate customer’s wishes and give a hands-on experience of the most commonly chosen paper types. The Paper Guide contains a wide range of environmentally friendly paper qualities that ensures accurate information, advice and guidance to customers in choosing eco-friendly paper types. Besides guiding in choosing eco-friendly paper qualities, the purpose of the Paper Guide is to deliver a useful guide that will be timesaving and convenient for customer’s selection of paper types.

The Paper Guide will be distributed and presented to a minimum of 30 customers throughout 2015-2016. PDAid will through its communication try to introduce the guide to all customers of relevance. Customers will be guided in how to use it through relevant projects, and hence act as an indirect change of behavior for customers, who has not previously been aware of the importance of choosing environmentally correct paper.

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