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OxyGuard International

OxyGuard is a Danish company that manufactures measuring, monitoring and control equipment. The company focus is on water quality, and OxyGuard is a world leader in supplying such equipment to the aquaculture market.

The following parameters are important, where water quality is concerned:

  • Dissolved oxygen
  • Temperature
  • pH
  • Redox
  • Salinity
  • Dissolved CO2
  • Total gas (TGP)

OxyGuard also produce complete process control systems.

OxyGuard has gradually expanded by developing new equipment and by responding to demand for state-of-the-art solutions from other markets. OxyGuard equipment is used in:

Product names like “Handy” hand-held meters, OxyGuard Pacific, Commander Pacific and OxyGuard Atlantic, as well as OxyGuard DO probes, Ocean probes and Profile probes, are known by users all over the world.

OxyGuard’s research, supported by the many years of experience gained by OxyGuard, its business partners’ knowledge and user experiences of OxyGuard’s equipment is applied to give the equipment offered some outstanding qualities. Whether you need “just” a hand-held instrument or a state-of-the-art system for measuring, monitoring and total control, OxyGuard can supply you with the best that you can get!

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