TMC3 wind turbine controller for small and medium sized wind turbines

Orbitals TMC3 wind turbine controller is a great fit for new turbine installations and retrofit projects. More than 1,300 TMC3 wind turbine controllers operate small and medium sized wind turbine all over the world.

The ideal wind turbine controller for small and medium sized wind turbines

The TMC3 controller was exclusively designed for medium-sized wind turbines, typically from 10 kW up to 750 kW. It’s an all in one can be used for monitoring and setting parameters. USB and Ethernet (Modbus TCP) are supported.

A removable display and control interface enables the customer to access status information and manipulate parameters. The controller offers a long time logging function, which saves periodically all relevant measured values to an attached standard SD-memory card. The system can be extended with Orbital’s intelligent 8 Band OrbiVib vibration sensor. With this, frequency selective vibration supervision and protection of the wind turbine is possible.

The modular construction of the TMC3 allows future extension with special functions. Optional extension cards are available:

  • 8 Analog Inputs / 8 Analog Outputs – 0-10V / 0-20 mA (Software selectable)
  • Thyristor control for soft connect / Motor start of asynchronous generators
  • Permanent Magnet Generator control. (Under development)
  • Firmware can be downloaded via the USB interface

•Key features

  • 24 Digital Inputs
  • 6 Hi-Speed Counter Inputs
  • •8 PT100 Inputs
  • 16 Digital Relay Outputs
  • 8 Analog Inputs (optional)
  • 3 Thyristor-Thyristor Outputs (optional)
  • 8 Analog Outputs (optional)
  • Grid Surveillance ROCOF df/dt support
  • USB Interface
  • RS232 Interface
  • RS485 Interface
  • CAN Interface
  • Ethernet Interface
  • SD-Card Interface

New turbine installations

Manufacturers of small and medium-sized wind are ideal to chose Orbital as supplier. Orbital has extensive knowledge working closely with wind turbine manufacturers regarding development of control solutions for new turbine types, manufacturing of control cabinets for manufacturing of turbines.

Retrofit projects

The TMC3 controller is a great choice for retrofit projects. Orbital customers have successfully retrofitted a wide range from various manufacturers by using the TMC3 controller.

  • Bonus 95
  • Bonus 150
  • Bonus 300
  • DanWin 24
  • DanWin 24 2 speed
  • Ecotecnia E20
  • GAIA
  • Micon 250
  • Micon 250 M750
  • Nordex N27 / N29
  • Nordtank 130/150
  • Nordtank 300
  • Tacke 250 kW
  • Vestas V17 / V20
  • Wind World 150 kW

Wind turbine components

Orbitals product range covers all electrical turbine parts.

  • Wind vane
  • Anemometer
  • Vibration sensor
  • Dump-load
  • Inverter

OrbiSCADA remote monitoring and control

OrbiSCADA is a user-friendly SCADA solution for remote monitoring and control of wind turbines. It is a perfect match with the TMC3 controller. Read the case story about OrbiSCADA to learn more about the system and the features. There is a constant focus on improving the system and adding new features to create value for service providers and wind turbine manufacturers.

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