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Orbicon offers engineering consulting services in the areas of environment, utilities and building design. With 150 years of experience, we ‘know how’.

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Close dialogue and multidisciplinary services
Climate adaption, re-engineering distribution systems and water requirements are some of the many challenges the supply network is facing. Our experience shows that the best solution is based on a good dialogue, a holistic approach and a trustworthy collaboration between all parties involved. Orbicon provides independent and multidisciplinary services in all aspects of the construction process, and we always customize our services to the needs of our customers.

We help utility organisations to develop cost-effective and holistic solutions to technical and financial challenges. We combine classical engineering disciplines with a sustainable approach to add value for customers, society and the environment.

The preferred supplier
Orbicon is one of the utility organisations’ preferred consultants. We help to ensure the best handling of the most significant valuables and the most complex plants that characterize the industry. We consult on infrastructure, water, waste water, electricity and heating. From the groundwater recharge down through the upper soil layers to the aquifers and from there, via pumps, pipes and filters, out through the consumers taps. Then from the consumer, through the sewer system, to a treatment plant and finally the recipient. We consult on distribution, registration, planning, valuation, environment, energy, climate and much more. Furthermore, we have developed some of the best and most used IT-systems in the industry.

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