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Orbicon offers engineering consulting services in the areas of environment, utilities and building design. With 150 years of experience, we ‘know how’.

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With the starting point at the needs and requirements of our clients, Orbicon prepares Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) for both land- and marine-based projects in Denmark and abroad. For our international activities, we have an extensive network of partners with whom we cooperate due to ensure that all activities are carried out in accordance to local standards and requirements wherever we work.

EIA is a multi-disciplinary task and requires a broad basis of professional experience. We handle general project management in the EIA process as well as assessments of specific ecological and environmental issues.

A prerequisite for a successful EIA is a constructive dialogue based on sound technical and professional judgment. Orbicon possesses the know-how.

During the recent years Orbicon has provided intensive assistance on EIA for the mining industry in Greenland.

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EIA is an instrument that:

  •    Evaluates potential impact on the environment
  •    Ensures that the necessary precautions are taken to protect the environment
  •    Minimises environmental impact
  •    Ensures a dialogue with authorities and the general public
  •    Provides a basis for decision-making for authorities and builders, and contributes to environmentally friendly planning

EIA on land-based projects

Orbicon has carried out numbers of EIA tasks for land-based projects, such as:

  •    Airports and roads
  •    On shore wind farms
  •    Huge constructions
  •    High-voltage plants and transmission corridors
  •    Industrial plants and process facilities
  •    Mines and natural resources excavation
  •    Wastewater treatment plants and sewer systems infrastructure projects

EIA on off shore activities and coastal areas

We have substantial experience in marine activities and biological assessments and have prepared EIAs for large marine-based projects, such as:

  •    Offshore Wind farms
  •    Exploration of raw materials
  •    Harbour expansion and dredging
  •    Marine Aquaculture
  •    Bridges, pipelines and cables

Our marine biologists – who are also professional divers – offer consultancy services for all phases, from initial contact to authorities, marine-biological pilot studies and screening, to follow-up monitoring programs and control.

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