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Orbicon offers engineering consulting services in the areas of environment, utilities and building design. With 150 years of experience, we ‘know how’.

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Orbicon provides field surveys, planning, and design of harbours and ports in Greenland.

When developing a mine, establishing port facilities is an important part of the infrastructure planning. Orbicon is your partner in all stages of port development – from the first field survey, through sketch design to final construction and future maintenance. Our experts can also assist you in all applications and approval processes related to port development.

Field surveys
Planning new port facilities requires specialist knowledge on bathymetry, local currents & wave climate, ice conditions, geophysics, and marine life in the chosen harbour area. Orbicon can conduct all needed field surveys and provide you with detailed information on local conditions, prior to your final design.

Designing ports for arctic conditions
The harsh arctic climate calls for specialist knowledge when designing a port for your project’s life-time. Through years of work for the Self-rule Government on all the harbours around Greenland, Orbicon has arctic knowledge for designing your port, pier or breakwater.

During construction of the port
With a team of ten arctic engineers at the office in Nuuk, Orbicon is an obvious choice when it comes to development of tender documents, selection process and supervision during construction, as well as being the client’s representative on site with regular inspections and a close contact to local authorities and contractors.

Maintenance of port facilities
When a marine facility is in operation, it is important to ensure the structural durability for the designed lifespan. We provide inspections, maintenance plans, budgeting, HSE, engaging contractors and handle your responsibilities in Greenland.

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