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Orbicon offers engineering consulting services in the areas of environment, utilities and building design. With 150 years of experience, we ‘know how’.

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CO2 reduction and climate adaptation

We all have a responsibility to preserve and develop the environment. With more than 100 years of experience in working with water and nature, Orbicon is highly committed to climate adaptation and CO2 reduction. This experience supports us when developing solutions that will secure the human race and the environment in the future.  


Lower the energy consumption and reduce CO2

Especially the local municipalities will have to deal with the tasks of adjusting to the new climate and change the ways in which society consumes energy and emit CO2. The adjustment of society to the future climate with lower energy consumption is a huge challenge, which we should tackle as soon as possible. So far, we have only seen a fraction of the effect of global warming and we can expect to see much greater fluctuations in the climate and water levels in the next 50 years. This means that the effects of climate changes, and the lower energy consumption, should be handled in this lifetime for both new and existing buildings and infrastructure. 


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In the near future, climate changes will create ever-growing challenges to both the public and private sector as well as the individual citizen. Along with a variety of challenges, heavy rain and flooding in towns, along rivers and in low-lying coastal areas will be more frequent. Orbicon can help you provide sustainable solutions.

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