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By Mads Sønnegaard Poulsen, May 04, 2015

The original pilsner comes from Plzeň The Czech Republic, and in this same city a contamination of chlorinated solvents is found. Orbicon cooperates with the Czechs to purify the source of contamination with steam.

An old dry cleaning industry has discharged so many chlorinated solvents, that it is a threat to the ground water which is used in both households as well as in the production industry where pilsner e.g is produced.

Orbicon has experience from several projects removing the contamination source by leading steam into the ground, warming it up. When warm enough, the pressure sends the chlorinated solvents up to the surface where it can be collected.

Technology transfer
– “We have earlier been in contact with the Czech company Dekonta, and when they were about to make a bid for an assignment including purification of contaminates soil, they thought of us. We were among the first to test the technique in this country, and now we are helping the Czechs to use it”, says Thomas Hauerberg Larsen from Orbicon.

Thomas guides the Czech company in using the technique, and on a regular basis he visits the Czech Republic to supervise and counsel on what to do.

– “Right now they have almost set up the whole system, and soon the steam will be turned on, which will remove the chlorinated solvents”, continues Thomas Hauerberg Larsen.

Apart from the contamination source itself, there is also a contaminated groundwater plume, which has spread 400-500 meters from the source, and it too needs to be purified. Thomas Haurberg Larsen will go to The Czech Republic a few more times in 2015 to see the project through and teach the Czechs as much as possible to enable them to further use the technique, and to prevent contamination of the water for pilsner production.

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