Climate Change adaption and renewal of the Karens Minde Axis in Copenhagen


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By Orbicon, July 18, 2018

A new project in the Karens Minde Axis in the neighborhood Sydhavnen in Copenhagen is going to build recreational areas and enhance biodiversity, but is also an important move in Copenhagen Municipality’s cloudburst management plan.

Recreational areas and cloudburst management
The inhabitants in Sydhavnen has asked for recreational areas for several years, and has had a general request for making the neighborhood safe and comfortable to live in. Simultaneously, Copenhagen Municipality wants to secure a plan for managing potential cloudburst in order to avoid flooding, and the extensive destruction it often induce. The request from the inhabitants and Copenhagen Municipality is combined in an extensive climate change adaption and renewal project of the Karens Minde Axis, the area in Sydhavnen between Vestre Kirkegård to Sydhavnstippen. The area goes from P. Knudsens Gade in the north through Sjælør Boulevard to Troldeskoven in the south. The area is more than 37.000m2

The Karens Minde Axis will become a recreational area in order to create a space to develop and explore cultural and social activities, and the park near Karens Minde culture house will be made safer. At the same time there is a focus on creating green areas where biodiversity can expand, and last but not least, the project will be essential in order to delay and handle 15.000m3 rain water in case of a cloudburst.

A project across expertises
I collaboration with landscape architects from Schønherr and sub-consultant GivRum, Orbicon has started the project that until 2020 will be project development and project engineering. The actual creation of the project starts in 2020 and is expected to be finished in the summer of 2021. Due to the complexity of the project, several experts from different fields in Orbicon are involved in the project in order to be able to realize recreative areas, biodiversity and cloudburst management in the Karens Minde Axis.

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