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By Orbicon, July 18, 2018

Using big data analysis utility companies can save both money and ressources. One of the newest inventions from Orbicon is the development of the first Big Data analysis platform for public utilities in Denmark. The platform gives a unique possibility to get a detailed overview of the utility’s infrastructure and the platform provides knowledge about unwanted water in the water distribution system or what parts of the system that is in a bad condition and will need a closer inspection.

“Our new analysis platform gives the public utility companies a possibility to prioritize their effort according to what needs are present in the system. Instead of TV-inspecting e.g. 2 percent of the water distribution system a year, it is possible to inspect the pipes where the analysis module detects a risk,” says Anders Tvegaard, CEO at Orbicon Informatik.

The new platform is called data|APEX, and can be used for all kinds of public utilities – not only those who are already using Orbicon Informatik’s water distribution registration programs.

data|APEX does not only get data from the local public utility. It collects system registration data across a long line of public utilities and connects it with data from relevant national records of soil types, ground water levels, rainfall etc. It gives more exact knowledge about the condition of each pipeline and how long it will last.

Well documented decisions
The analysis platform is a brand new possibility to get support to make the right decisions. The results is shown on dynamic maps, and it is easy to get an overview and compare different possible solutions.

“There is a significant economic advantage in TV-inspecting the right pipes and detect risk and take care of the problems before something happens. Our new platform gives the public utilities a new possibility to be far-sighted and react before it is too late,” says Anders Tvegaard.

The engine of the platform is based on cloud computing. It is built on machine learning and AI-technologies that give a unique dynamic understanding, where the system constantly learn from the large sets of data and gets better at identifying problems, and recognize situations or conditions over time.

The first clients has already implemented data|APEX and Orbicon Informatik has experienced a great interest in the newly developed solution from Danish as well as international companies.

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