Transforming a closed city dump into a beautiful recreational area

The  old dump site, Stige Island, has been used for dumping waste for 3 decades, but has been redeveloped into a beautiful recreational area. Today the old dump offers a variety of outdoor activities such as mountain bike tracks, dirt jump tracks, bonfires, playgrounds, hills for all year sledging and of course tracks for walking while enjoying the wildlife on and around the island.

Stige Island Dump Site with 54 hectares holds 10 million m3 of solid waste. It was closed for reception of waste in 1994.  Until 2006 the landfill was slowly redeveloped, and during this period it was covered with a layer of least 1 meter of clean soil in a creative way to develop a hilly and varied landscape.  Beneath the cover soil, biological processes in the dumped waste are continuously producing gas. Stige Island has the largest landfill gas plant in Denmark, collecting the gas and converting it to electricity and district heating via a combined heat and power plant. The gas covers the annual electricity requirements of approximately 1.500 households and annual heat requirements of nearly 900 households.

Stige Island has been extremely well received as a recreational area by the public and has become a favorite for family and school picnics, runners and other nature lovers.



Stige Island Dump Site has for 27 years been Odense Municipality landfill, it was closed in 1993 and by the re-establishment at least one meter of clean soil was laid over the landfill. After that, the area is released for recreational purposes under the auspices of the Municipality of Odense. However, Odense Waste Management continues various activities, including collection and treatment of leachate collection of surface water and maintenance of pumping stations and installations. In other words, Odense Waste Management is managing the continued operation of the underground production.

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