Keeping landfilling safe

Odense Environmental Centre was established in 1994 by Odense Waste Management Ltd. and is one of the largest and most moderne environmentally safe waste treatment centres in Northern Europe.  By landfilling solid waste the environmental centre have to sustain a high degree of environmental protection. Odense Environmental Centre serves as a waste treatment centre as well in the attempt of recycling as much as the waste a possible. Specific waste treament methods makes it possible to recycle more than 50 per cent of the waste brought to the waste treatment centre.


Activities handled at the environmental centre

Solid waste treatment at Odense Environmental Centre means final and intermediate deposit of various kinds of waste. As a modern waste treatment centre the focus is set on treating different types of waste in the most sustainable manner possible.

Activities at Odense Environmental Centre:

  • Receiving area, workshop and administration
  • Pre-treatment plant for processing leachate
  • Composting of yard waste and biomass
  • Treatment of contaminated soil
  • Intermediate landfilling of combustible and possibly recycleable waste
  • Landfilling of shredder waste, asbestos-containing waste and waste suitable for landfilling


Keeping constantly abreast of the latest development within environmentally responsible waste management, Odense Environmental Centre seeks to continuously improve its practice within waste treatment.  Due to environmentally responsible processes not much waste is left for final landfilling, which has extended the estimated time where the landfill can be of use. The landfill’s capacity is estimated to be of use for at least a 100 years since established, which is a long time compared to the initial estimate, which was less than 30 years.
Even though landfilling is not the best option, some times it is the only one, which is why Odense Environmental Centre puts an effort into treating every garbage fraction as correctly as possible.





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