Ny Vraa Bioenergy

Ny Vraa Bioenergy

At New Vraa we grow 250 ha of energy willow. Throughout the years we have planted and delivered planting material for more than 10,000 ha for farmers and other companies in many countries. We offer a full supply chain concept from sale of cuttings, planting and harvest. In addition we undertake increasingly to act as consultants for farmers and companies who want to utilise the energy willow as a nutrient filter or for energy production.

Energy willow is an agricultural crop with both environmental, energy and climate effects. Below you get some quick facts about the energy willow.

  • Willow is CO2 neutral.
  • 1 ha. willow = app. 20 ton fresh weight per year.
  • 1 ha. willow = app. 4.700 l. oil.
  • 1 ha. willow returns the energy 20 – 30 times compared the input.
  • Willow trees can evaporate waste water.
  • Willow growing reduces the use of pesticides and can be grown organic.
  • Willow grows about 3-4 meter the first year or after harvest. Up to 7 cm. per day.
  • Willow can consume up to 5 mm water per day.
  • 1 m2 field planted with willow gives  6-10 m2 leaf area.
  • 1 liter oil = 2,5 kg. dry chips = 4,5 kg. wet chips with 50% humidity.
  • Willow is a normal farming crop according to the CAP reform.
  • Willow can be firtilized with up to 120 kg. Nitrate per ha./year (Denmark).
  • Willow can be used to secure areas where to protect the water tabel.
  • Willow has a carbon capture up to 5 times more than a normal forest.
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