Urbanization is a current trend that brings with it both potentials as well as challenges. When new residential areas develop, what happens to the vacated homes?

The Resource Rows will become Denmark‘s first residential area built of materials from abandoned homes. The project is a JV between NREP and Arkitektgruppen, and is developed in close cooperation with Lendager Group.

The current urbanisation trend brings both potential as well as challenges. As more and more people move away from rural areas and towards cities, we witness an expansion of urban settlements. New exciting residential areas develop around big cities, but what happens to the vacated homes? When the abandoned homes are not resold, they are often left empty and eventually demolished, resulting in large amounts of material being wasted.

When moving to the city we see a huge potential to bring with us the intact materials that can be reused for the construction of new homes. This means that newly built homes could reduce their CO2 footprints by up to 70% in the construction phase, since the building materials have already had a life in another context.

Resource Rows is a +9,000 sqm development project in Copenhagen including 92 residential apartments.

Please visit our partner, Lendager Group’s website for more information on the concept and considerations behind this project here.

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