The simple way of producing high-quality tap water – Waterworks of Sjælsø

In Denmark 100 % of our tap water comes from groundwater supplies. The Waterworks of Sjælsø is one of the largest waterworks in Denmark. The waterworks delivers 7 million cubic metres of drinking water a year. The Waterworks of Sjælsø is located just north of Copenhagen and is operated by Nordvand.

Simple Water Cleaning

The Danish underground holds large quantities of groundwater of a quality that is very suitable for drinking water. The groundwater goes through a simple aeration process and is filtered through sand filters. As an extra security measure the water finally goes through a UV treatment. It is not necessary to add any chemicals to the water before it is piped out to the consumers.

Fully automated waterworks

The Waterworks of Sjælsø is fully automated. The Waterworks comprises 49 wells and an extensive net of water pipes distributing the water to consumers. The loss of mains water is low, less than 10%. The waterworks and the pipes are controlled with an advanced SCADA system monitoring pressure and flow.

High drinking water quality in the future

Through management of water resources and behaviour change it is Nordvand’s objective to maintain a high drinking water quality in the future based on groundwater supply.

Regional waterworks

The Waterworks of Sjælsø is a regional waterworks producing water for five municipalities; Fredensborg, Hørsholm, Lyngby-Taarbæk, Gladsaxe, and Gentofte. The Waterworks is owned and operated by Nordvand, the water utility of the Municipalities of Gentofte and Gladsaxe.

Nordvand supplies drinking water for 200,000 consumers and manages wastewater from 140,000 consumers. Nordvand operates and maintains four waterworks and 28 sewer pumping stations. Under ground, Nordvand maintains 584 kilometres of water pipes and 621 kilometres of sewer pipes.

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