NorthQ is a leading-edge Energy Management and Home Automation company with unmatched expertise on energy optimization, home comfort and security solutions for the home and office.  Developing sustainable technology and environmental friendly products, NorthQ empowers the concept of green solutions for an enhanced environment.

    We provide integrated solution to improve energy efficiency by reducing specific energy consumption. Furthermore, our technology can tackle critical issues in energy management and sustainability such as climate change and enhanced urbanization. Our energy efficient products are pivotal elements that offer both ecological and economic benefits and is a key component in our sustainability strategy to save energy and deal with climate change.
    With more than 9 years of experience in the market, we have collaborated with various international organizations. We pioneer in retrofit meter reading solutions for electricity, gas, water and heating in the industrial and domestic sectors. Powered by Perfection, Innovation and Effectiveness, ours is an initiative to establish an ecologically sound community with our  energy efficient products.
    Setting uncompromising standards we offer energy management and control solutions (utilities, OEM’s and telecoms) to drive growth and meet the needs of our customers In A New Way.
    NorthQ endeavors to reduce consumption and CO2 Emissions, increase efficiency and savings through the innovative technology for a better and greener environment.
    We truly believe that people shouldn’t compromise comfort and convenience for a sustainable lifestyle. Endorsing comfortable living, NorthQ products also advocate using energy wisely – only when there is a need. So, Going Green is a collective social responsibility for energy conservation and for A New Way Of Living.

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    Primary contact
    Christian Von Sholten
    +45 7027 1818