Do you like energy savings? Because we do!

    NordicWatts has developed a solution to easily measure energy consumption (400V/3-phase) from large equipment such as air compressors, ovens, heaters air conditioning, etc., and reveal major cost savings. Our handheld, plug & play device provide firms and energy consultants with precise, reliable and convenient data measurements – helping create an energy efficient environment.


    “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it” 

    Firms experience several benefits when assessing their energy consumption, including cost savings and the promotion of environmental action. In addition, governments are increasingly mandating that companies operating large equipment must perform energy-efficiency assessments. Today, companies are left with a few inefficient solutions when measuring 400V/3-phase power usage of their large equipment and machinery, including to:

    1. Develop an estimate based on supplier-provided specifications in the user manual for the specific equipment. However, power usage is often underestimated by the manufacturer, resulting in higher than estimated energy costs.
    2. Have an authorized electrical engineer install a Din-Rail power meter in a control cabinet. However, the engineer will only be able to monitor one energy channel, often containing multiple machines, making it difficult to identify the culprit.
    3. Have an authorized electrical engineer open the plug wiring on the specific machine and use a tang meter to measure on the cords themselves. However, this leaves the cords dangerously exposed for several days in order to collect the data.

    Currently, there is no plug & play device on the market that can measure the energy consumption of 400V/3-phase equipment and machinery. NordicWatts addresses this market gap, allowing companies, institutions and consultants to locate energy culprits, realise major costs savings and reach ambitious environmental targets.

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