BioPod container solution (vertical farming)

Easy healthy food, reduced waste, circular economy, vertical farming, hydroponic

BioPod solution is a vegetable Ecosystem, where only energy, food waste and water are needed. BioPod is energy – water efficient and a circular economy solution.

The BioPod solution is a closed loop food production operating on a household- or a community level, and integrated as a new urban farm concept of Regen villas/Agrihoods or larger scale commercial food production in Ecofriendly industrial agro food parks.

A BioPod Greenhouse of 2000m2 is installed in Skive (Jutland) and will also be installed in China in Shouguang city (Shangdong Province) and in Jilin city in Jilin Province.   We have a BioPod solution installed in a Tiny house in Odder (Jutland). Both Biopod for residential housing and for greenhouses will also be installed in an Eco village project in Chibi in Hubei province in China.

Energy water efficiency and circular economy.

Success criteria
Automated BioPod system with alert functions, if resource flow is not optimal concerning vegetable productivity

The key value proposition of the BioPod solution

  • The possibility of organically grown, pest-free vegetables with no additional fertiliser than nutrients from the BioPod solution.
  • Controllable nutrient flow.
  • Controllable climate and irrigation.
  • Handle most of the household waste (including food waste, greens, paper) with more circular energy and nutrient flow.
  • Heatpump/biogas solution with a battery connected to PV for a community.
  • BioPod is targeted one family, small and large communities for producing food and handling food waste.
  • The solution can be integrated into new buildings.
  • Key Enabling Technologies (KET)

See more information about our VIDA BioPod container solution:

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