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Converting from using HFO to MGO.
757,000 kWh saved

NOENCO has undertaken a full-scale energy-fuel-conversion of a Norwegian fishing vessel.

The vessel was built in 2004, and is currently located at a yard where it is being fitted with a brand new fish factory onboard, among other things. The ship has been sailing in East Asian waters, and is now returning to Scandinavia for a total refit.  It is 35 meters long and contains 2 x Volvo Penta Genset and Wärtsila Main Engine 9L20 + shaft generator.

The main engine has been operating on heavy fuel oil (HFO), but it is now converting to MGO. This is due to environmental concerns, the cost of maintenance related issues and potential energy savings from not having onboard HFO.

NOENCO screening shows potential savings associated with switching from HFO to MGO:
What will the saving be on oil for heating HFO, as done with older oil fired 330 kW Weishaupt burner?
Energy savings related to constant pumping of cold and hot HFO + centrifugal separation of HFO-oil and cleaning of engine oil?
Energy savings related to constant centrifugal separation of ME lubrication oil due to pollution from burning HFO on engine?
Energy radiated from HFO holding tanks and outwards into the ocean. Oil is kept at 50 deg. Celcius.

When converting, there is no need to heat or maintain heat on different tanks onboard, currently holding HFO. Furthermore, there is no need for heavy duty cleaning of oil as with using HFO, nor for cleaning of engine oil with separation.

Approximate annual operation hours engine: 6,000
Approximate annual operation hours heating: 6,500

Expected savings upon completion in 1 year:

  • 75,000 liters of fuel  –  approx 757,000 kw
  • Equivalent of 470,000 NOK/year
  • Payback time: Less than an year !!

NOENCO can help you obtain energy savings on similar projects – including projects onboard ships, fishing vessels, passenger ferries, or anything related.

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